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When ou’re injured because of a dangerous condition, you have rights. Premises Liability cases are complicated and require the special attention of an experienced personal injury attorney. If a business is going to open its doors to the public it has a duty to ensure that it keeps its facility reasonably safe.

This means that spills or leaks in that business must be promptly cleaned up, and any other hazardous conditions must be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, these business don’t always take reasonable care and you might have suffered a slip and fall accident as a result of business negligence.

Should I Sue After a Fall?

You might be saying “everyone has experience trip up every once in a while, but do I really need get a slip-and-fall attorney?” Houston and surrounding areas should never discount their injuries. Instead, rely on Barbara J. Hudson to analyze your case and better determine if there a legitimate reason to sue: Namely, whether or not there was some sort of negligence, example: hazard on another person property that should have been repaired before someone got hurt. Types of common property problems that might cause slip-and-fall lawsuit to be filed include:

• Wet and slippery surfaces, without visible signage
• A pothole, “manhole,” or broken surface with no covering or warning
• Construction debris or other type of debris
• Poorly lit entryways or walkways

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It’s important to know your rights when you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by another person negligent. Whether you’re Houston or surrounding areas, slip-and-fall lawyer Barbara J. Hudson, can assist you and your family receive compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. If you’re not sure of whether or not you have a strong case for a slip and fall lawsuit call our law firm at 713-621-1971 to get a case review. Don’t suffer alone with medical expenses, lost wages, or mental anguish after your accident in Houston or surrounding areas. Slip-and-fall attorney Barbara J. Hudson and her team of professionals are here to fight for personal injury compensation on your behalf.


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