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Having family member pass away is a heartbreaking experience. When family members are in mourning, it can be tough to focus on the financial aspects of your loved one’s passing. Dealing with the probate process is often irritating and even overwhelming when you are grieving for the loss of someone you love.

At the Law Offices of Barbara J. Hudson, our firm provides sensitive and thorough support for family members, executors and beneficiaries throughout the estate administration process. As a highly skilled estate administration attorney in Houston, we’ll guide you through probate to make sure your loved one’s will is appropriately handled in court. Using the knowledge and skill Barbara have gained over 25 years of practicing law, we focus on providing legal guidance so you can focus on dealing with your loss.

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Probate is the legal process which an estate is administered after someone has died. It ensures the correct property is passed to the correct beneficiaries as dictated by the will. A Houston probate of wills lawyer guides you and your family through each step of the complicated probate process:

• Proving the deceased person’s will is valid
• Identifying property distributed in the will
• Appraising property
• Paying debts and taxes from the estate
• Distributing property according to the terms of the will
• Transferring title and ownership of assets to the proper beneficiaries

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If you lost a loved one, you should not have to deal the complicated probate process without the help of trustworthy Houston estate administration attorneys. At the Law Offices of Barbara J. Hudson., she’ll guide families through all aspects of probate using the experience and skills she gained over 25 years of representing clients in complicated cases. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call today at 713.621.1971 or schedule online for an initial consultation.

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